Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday Blues

I signed up last week for our Modern Quilt Guild Swap. I decided to get working on it right away because it is due the same time my daughter's new baby is due! These were a lot of fun to make and went together real fast. They are a smaller version of my tutorial Free Pieced Trees that a I made a while back and it has been a popular post.

I even made a rogue tree just to keep it interesting.

I wanted some handwork to take to bees and when we are watching TV at night. This is The Raven by Blackbird Designs. I like their patterns but don't want to make it in traditional fabrics. I have already decided to change some of the leaves and there will be bright pink berries once the entire design is stitched. So far only the stems are stitched down.

I will be changing at least 3 of these leaves, they are too light and too similar.

The pink berries go here.

I also took out the weird leaf that was on top of the acorn.

Every since I cleaned up and found some long forgotten projects, I have been slowly working my way through some triangles. I want to make this one queen size.

I was going to have all the triangle going the same way but decided to make them as very scrappy flying geese. I love the movement they make!

My box of triangles is getting smaller but there are more to be made with all my scraps!

It's very satisfying to see the rows of blocks grow, with many more to go!



  1. Looks like you've got your quilting mojo back. Your bright colors are fun to look at and the Raven has a wonderful new look.

  2. Those trees might be my favorite thing you have ever done...and that's saying a lot. And in the same post--a raven! Swoon!

  3. Your projects are beautiful as usual ! I love your appliqué block with modern fabrics !

  4. good to see you in the sewing room again. Your pieces are always so colorful and happy!

  5. Are you prepping lots of handwork for TX? Have fun.

  6. It's been great seeing you blogging again but I surely understand you being away. Life does keep us busy! Love your newest projects and always inspiring to me, especially the happy fabrics you use!!


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