Thursday, June 30, 2016

Total Self Indulgent Post

Finn 1 and Maddy 8

For a few days this week I was hanging out with these two sweethearts. My daughter was not feeling well so I came over to give her a hand. Maddy had field hockey camp and Finn is a 15 month old who has no intention of sitting still! A handful when you don't feel good.

Maddy loves arts and crafts so mom mom delivered! She has been wanting to do the melted crayons that have been on Pinterest forever. While ours did not turn out exactly like the ones on Pinterest, she loved doing it and we had a good time.

This was our Van Gogh day. She used oil pastels in school and wanted to use them on our project. She was the teacher and I was the student......I loved how these turned out and we plan on doing it again some day. Kids have a great eye for colors . We also cut out parts for a quilt that I will show you later.

Finn was happy trying on his sister's flip flops and testing all the new words he is saying. He is such a good boy.

Jaxon almost 11 months old

Cameron almost 11 months old
I did get to see the boys last week and they are growing so fast! Cam is about ready to walk with Jax not too far behind. They are such good natured boys. Cam looks just like his daddy as the same age.

Not a lot of sewing going on but these colors make me happy!

I was hoping to have this ready to show by the weekend. It's going to be one of the auction quilts for our quilts show in May of 2017. Maybe it will be done next week!
Happy Independence Day!



  1. Happy, happy, happy! Enjoy this time and it looks like that's exactly what you are doing.

  2. What a cute little crew you have there. They all look like they are fun to hang out with. Thanks for sharing their sweet little faces. What cuties!

  3. Aren't you just the best Mom and Mom-mom! Love doing crafts! I love the melted crayon project! The babies are all so cute!!

  4. I love seeing the crafts you do with your grand children. Love of colour obviously runs in the family :) I can't believe how quickly the little ones have grown. Love your spool quilt!!!

  5. It is very special to see your grandchildren. They are all growing so quickly.

  6. Oh my....what a wonderful and sweet family! Enjoy....
    Love your bobbing ! They sparkle ! ;)

  7. I can't believe how big Finn is! What a fun week with your little sweeties! great photos and memories.

  8. I love seeing how the grands are growing. Maddie got braces! Finn is so cute and white blond Cam! My boys had white hair. Lucky you! You get to have Nana-Camp any day you want.

  9. Love your spool quilt; this would be perfect for my sewing room! I must make one. :-)

  10. that was fun!!
    Maddie is one of us, in the creative tribe! The VanGogh activity was an enormous success. I would hang either in my house happily. So cool and different.

  11. love your spools will you share your pattern?

  12. Love the spools. Love the crafts with Maddy. All the babies are just adorable. They are growing so fast. Enjoy every minute.

  13. What a sweet post. It looked like everyone has having fun. Maddy did some fantastic art work.. I especially liked her melted crayons.


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