Friday, March 18, 2016


I know I have been MIA. I have no excuses other than real life has taken over with many obligations, most of them good ones!
This quilt was made as part of a challenge for the Penn Oaks Quilt Guild. We had to make a quilt based on a Silver Screen movie, mine was The Birds. I will always remember my mom letting my sister and I watch it for the first time. That farmer with the X's over his eyes still scares me!

I really enjoyed making this quilt and it has become a favorite of mine. I think the quilting works too.

The birds are made without a pattern which always makes it challenging to set them into a cohesive quilt!

It won the Smile Maker award!

My other guild, Calico Cutters also had a bird challenge. These quilts will go to a homeless shelter for them to auction off to raise funds.

It was made using fusible applique with a blanket stitch to hold it all down.

Finn eating pizza

My grandson, Finn had his first birthday last weekend. I can't believe he is 1 already! He is such a little lovey and a very happy child!

Granddaughters, Fallon and Maddy
My oldest granddaughter Fallon made her confirmation last week too. Now you can see why I haven't blogged!

I must admit I have been infatuated with Instagram. It is quick, easy, fast and fun. Now that Facebook has taken over they are going to change it. Not many people are happy with the change, so you may be seeing more people go back to blogging, me included!



  1. Your bird quilt is so cute! What pattern did you use or is it an original pattern?

  2. Unfortunately you are a no reply commenter and I can't reply to your directly. It is my own design.

  3. Congratulations on the Smile ribbon, well deserved.

    I'm boycotting Instagram for 24 hours and signed the petition not to change it. I'll have to check tomorrow if I follow you there or not.

    Enjoy National Quilting .day tomorrow!

  4. Modern fabrics are perfect for these fizzy birds ! Your quilt is amazing and the ribbon well deserved !
    These little kids and baby are so sweet ! Thank you for sharing !

  5. The birds are just adorable!! And the grandkids??? GREAT excuse for not blogging!!!

  6. It's nice to have your life overtaken by grandchildren. Enjoy! And quilt what you want, when you want. I just like seeing what you do.

  7. I really like your birds...and the movie. We are taking a third Hitchcock class in our adult learning rounds. I hope we get to the Birds. I think Finn & our Miss G could have the most magnificent blue eye kids if they ever got married & have kids.

  8. Also, I'm wondering now about my trying to use Instagram. You can see I've made no progress.

  9. Those birds are so darn cute! Even Alfred and Tippy would be smiling!

  10. Love that bird quilt. You deserved that ribbon. You are so lucky to have those adorable grand children. I too was spoked by that movie. That one and Jaws!!! Judie

  11. I've never heard of a 'smile maker' award but I can see that it truly is perfect for you birds. They are fun and very creative. I like that they look like they are wearing hats. Thanks for sharing them. I'm bummed about instagram too. I signed the petition and sent a letter but I doubt it will do any good. Sigh.

  12. If Hitchcock had used your birds in the film, no one would be afraid of birds today! Super cute and a well deserved ribbon!

  13. Everything you make deserves a Smile Maker Award!! You are a special affinity with birds , both your quilts are wonderful. It's good to see you're making the most of precious times with grandchildren.

  14. I love that you chose birds for both challenges and they are so different and gorgeous!! I think being busy with your children and grandchildren are a great distraction!

  15. I love that you chose birds for both challenges and they are so different and gorgeous!! I think being busy with your children and grandchildren are a great distraction!

  16. Congrats on your ribbon and your finished Birds quilt. I love it! it looks great set with the low volume prints.
    Finn is ADORABLE and what a nice photo of the girls.


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