Monday, January 4, 2016

First 2016 Post

This was the year of the pincushions! I love them and am always happy to receive them, especially when my friends take the time to make them for me. How amazing is this one? Judie handstitched the wool appliques on this. It is almost too pretty to use. I love the pretty colors.

I am making progress on Griffin's quilt but will keep it real by telling you I made an entire section (for the sword) wrong yesterday. That was about 1 1/2 hours down the drain. It couldn't even be saved.
Like everyone else I am trying to get back to normal this week and that includes sewing! My Christmas decorations are put away and the house looks relatively clean. I love a clean slate!



  1. Love your pincushion, the colours are wonderful. Enjoy the suggestion of Spring on a Winter's day.

  2. the pincushion is adorable! there such as thing as normal in the quilting life?

  3. The pincushion is very nice and delicate !
    Good luck for the Griffin's quilt ! Squares, squares..... ;)

  4. That is such a sweet pincushion. There's always days where sewing just goes wrong, but it looks as though it turned out okay in the end because the block you've made is so cute.

  5. Such a pretty pincushion, a girl can never have too many. x

  6. Lovely pin cushion.
    I admire your patience sticking with these tricky blocks!

  7. OH NO!!!! the worst! I feel badly for you - I put a whole border on upside down yesterday - but you win for the oooops of the day
    cute pincushion

  8. Pretty pin cushion. To make you feel better, I was putting together some Jacobs Ladder blocks last week, when I realised that 8 of the 20 blocks had "steps" going the wrong way. I looked at it, thought about it, then decided I couldn't live with it. So I unpicked those blocks and resewed them. Would you believe on the last one, I resewed in with those dratted steps going the wrong way again! Besides that, I had decided to make 4 more blocks. Made them, then decided that No. 3 was all wrong colourwise, and scrapped it, and made yet another. So your 1.5 hours down the drain sounds like bliss to me. Took me way, way longer to get to the point where I can put the blocks together.

  9. Pretty pincushion! The wool is just yummy.

    Sorry to hear about your oops. That is such a bummer. Those blocks look challenging. I enjoyed your tutorial on how you make the blocks, but the layout looks like it would be hard. Good luck on the quilt!


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