Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Knock Knock

Is anyone home? I can't believe 2 weeks have flown by since I last posted anything.
How cute is this with that Elizabeth fabric by Tula Pink? I feel like it showcases it perfectly.


Today Stephanie, Cheryl and myself planned to work on these together.

Stephanie and Cheryl

Between the 3 of us we figured out how to make it (cutting it out took the most brain power for me) and tweaked it a bit to make it perfect.

This is the inside, it's called The Diva Wallet in case you want to make one for yourself.

Look at that almost perfect zipper. It went in very easily, don't be afraid.

I fussy cut my fabric and think it looks cool this way too.

This is my latest ongoing project, Flowering Snowball. The first two on the top left are completely sewn. This will be on the design wall until it is sewn together. It took a long time to get it the way I wanted it.

This is one block, yes curves! I cut them out using acrylic templates and a rotary cutter.

Here are 2 together so you can see how the pattern is made.

I am on a mission to try and get all my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving this year. I have found that if I don't procrastinate I actually enjoy them much more and may be able to sneak in some more sewing!



  1. This was such a fun day! I really needed this and spending the day with my 2 sewing buddies was the best!

  2. That wallet looks amazing and it would have been so much fun sewing them with friends. Loving the snowball blocks too.

  3. Bonita cartera y con la emociĆ³n de coser con amigas!!!
    los bloques bola de nieve me gustan,
    las telas son preciosas

  4. The wallets are very sweet! Great job with them. I hate sewing zippers though--hidden trauma in the memories or something! lol Love seeing those Flowering Snowballs too. The fabrics are gorgeous!

  5. I don't think there is a more perfect fabric for that wallet! Great fussy cutting! And I love the flowering snowball quilt. I've never done curves - is it as difficult as it looks? What a fun day!

  6. I am so useless at wallets & pouches & bags & always so vey impressed by people who can make them. It must have been fun to work on them with your crew.
    And the other scary part of this post -- flowering snowball! Beautiful!

  7. Flowering Snowbslls is beautiful and expertly sewn. Love the fabrics you've chosen.

  8. love the little wallets. That tula is perfect. Looks like a really fun day. Your new project looks wonderful I love the color wave effect. How do you do that tiny square???

  9. Ooooh tell me Kelly : how do you are going to sew this tiny rikiki square huuuummm ? You are incredible and I loooove your new project with the K.Fassett !! The Tula fabric is beautiful too like your wallet !

  10. That is such a fun wallet!!! Sewing with friends is always extra fun. I love your flowering snowball, it's beautiful with the rainbow layout. Good on you getting all your Christmas shopping done early. You're right that it makes it more enjoyable. I'm planning to have mine organised by the first weekend in December.

  11. What a great wallet, beautiful use of the Tula Pink fabric! I like your new project and your choice of fabrics and colors.

  12. What a wonder wallet and prefect fabric to match--LOVE TULA! And your Flowering Snowball is going to be gorgeous--what size will you make?
    I have never competed my list before Thanksgiving but well on my way---I will be rooting for ya!

  13. Beautiful job on the wallet. I can see where the cutting would take all the brain power - wow! You did some great fussy cutting. And lovely construction. Sewing with friends is the best!

    I love your Flowering Snowballs. I love me a rainbow setting like that. So, is it hard to cut or sew those curves? They look intimidating to me! They are beautiful with the KF fabrics!

  14. Very nice wallet and it looks very professional too! The snowball pattern looks like it is a lot of work, not so easy, is it?

  15. Quilting with friends is so much fun! Good for you for enjoying a day together. Love your flowering snowballs. That is going to be stunning.


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