Monday, June 29, 2015

Babies' Shower

Today I can finally show you the baby shower gifts for my daughter in law Jenny who is expecting twins real soon. These are the 2 quilts that I was working on and searching all over heaven and earth for the polka dot fabric. In the end the blue print I chose worked out well, I may even like it better.
Both quilts are pretty much the same in that they are the same fabrics and colors, the fabric placement is random. The doctors call them "Baby A and Baby B". I machine quilted  Baby A into one quilt and Baby B into the other. Once they are born and we know their names I will add a label.

I picked out the pattern "Irish Chain" because both sides of the family are Irish and I knew Colin and Jenny would both love the idea.

There are also some bibs and I have to say it was fun looking for little boy fabric. It is so much cuter than when I had my boys.

I picked this fabric out specifically for my son Colin who hikes the AT.

The theme of the shower was "Bees" and I was so excited to find these little Onesies when we were in Florida.

My daughter and I each bought a sweet toy bee from Rachael at The Faded Wildflower. She handmakes each one. Notice the little bowties, blue and green, that way they each know which toy is their own. Aren't they cute?

My son Colin painted these pictures for the nursery. I think they will look so cute and how cool that their daddy painted them for the little boys. I am getting teary now......

Colin also painted these trees for the shower. Each person put a fingerprint on each tree and they will hang in the nursery to remember all the people who will love them.

The tables were also bee themed which added to the fun of the day even though it was pouring rain outside. The flowers were Jenny's favorite, daisies with yellow tea roses and little bees flying around. Her mom, Bonnie and sister, Stacy did such a wonderful job with lovely details that made it extra special.

Jenny's mom asked me to make mug rugs and I was happy to do it! They were given out with a little stick of Burt's Bees lip balm as a favor for all the guests.

The food was yummy and the red velvet cupcakes were my favorite!

All in all it was a good day and Jenny is really glowing with maternal love! They are both going to be such good parents and the entire family cannot wait to meet our newest little boys!



  1. What a sweet shower theme! Your quilts and gifts are wonderful. Love that blue print you added into the quilt. It really made the quilts have a soft, sweet look to them.:)

  2. Beautiful quilts. And a lovely bee theme.

  3. What a lovely baby shower and the quilts are sweet for those news baby boys.

  4. The quilts you have made for these soon to arrive little boys are lovely. So are he gorgeous bibs, bees and onesies.
    I love the idea of the trees and the finger prints. Your son is very talented.
    The decorations for the shower look like fun and jenny looks especially well.
    Very exciting.

  5. Everything is so cute and so sweet in this post! I love it all! The quilts are great and the idea of the mug rugs was brilliant. The place where I went over the edge into complete sappiness was seeing the bees and then finding out they had different color bow ties! So cute! Nursery, shower, mother to be, paintings, sewing, table decorating, all 100 per cent adorable!

  6. I love the baby quilts! I love the Irish Chain (one of my faves) and I like the blue print fabric you added. All the bee things are so cute, and what a cute theme for the shower. Everything looked lovely and so much fun! I think the trees with the fingerprints is a brilliant idea! Your son is very talented, and he'll make a great dad. You've been very busy, and it looks like you were having fun sewing baby things.

  7. Your quilts and bibs are lovely! I think the background fabric you chose looks great. It sounds like you had a lovely time and no wonder Jenny is glowing. How exciting for your family. Babies do add an extra dimension to a family and it seems that your next two little grandsons are certainly going to be embraced and adored. How lovely!

  8. The Pride and Grandmotherly Glow is lighting up the screen. Looks to me that A & B are arriving to wonderful, warm Loving family. The blankets are adorable--Love the polka dots :)

  9. Your baby quilts turned out so sweet! Cute little bibs, too. Looks like the family is now ready for their arrival!

  10. Thinking of those babies and wishing them a safe arrival! It's obvious they are going to be surrounded by lots of love. The quilts and bibs and gifts are all adorable, what a fun theme. I love the artwork for the nursery. Your son is very talented!

  11. Love your quilts and bibs! The whole shower is lovely. Mug rugs and lip balm are such nice favors. Good ideas.

  12. Your quilts are so perfectly perfect!! It's lovely to see all the special details and love that has been put into all these beautiful gifts made to welcome the babies.

  13. Your quilts are so bright and nice, I could easily have one for my own use;) Every present in your post is amazing, love them all! The paintings are so nice too, I looked them over and over again.
    Your daughter in law looks very happy, I wish your family all the best to come.

  14. Hello Kelly !
    I think twins is a big adventure for ALL the family !! The presents are beautiful and I wish all the best for Jenny ! ;)

  15. Oh, these two little boys are so loved, already! Look at all the wonderful and special gifts you shared in this post, Kelly. Wow. I bet you can hardly wait to see them! So many sweet gifts for these boys that it does make one teary eyed and so very happy for your son and daughter in law (she is just glowing and beautiful!). Excited and happy for your family as you await these wee boys arrival.

  16. What a creative bunch you are! Evreything looks beautiful:)

  17. Thanks for sharing the Babies' Shower with us! The quilts are so sweet and I know they will be loved. The bibs are adorable-cute fabrics! Everything was so nice. Can't wait until the babies arrive! You are a busy lady these days....

  18. so much cuteness!!!! what a fabulous shower. she really is glowing. the paintings are wonderful - everything is!!

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  20. Your quilts are doubly adorable! Those babies are going to be so loved and cherished.

  21. I'm dying over the adorable fox and deer bibs plus those paintings! Your family is so very talented.


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