Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bright Scraps

Remember these scraps from yesterday?

These were the blocks I made, I am not sure why the bottom left looks so much smaller...... While I enjoy these blocks, they immediately became tedious. I just don't think I have it in me to make many more. I may be able to squeeze out 5 for a small wallhanging.

So last night I started sewing those scraps together, it started out pretty good. Then I got all "artsy" and added that black, ummmm, no not working. Once again it was at night, when will I learn?

This is much better to my eye. I am going to try and quilt it differently than just straight lines, maybe some curves, stay tuned.

If you have never been in a Quilt Along, you may want to give this easy block called Flower Box  a try. Go over to Lori Holt's blog Bee In My Bonnet She will have all the information you need to make the block. Super easy and fun.



  1. Hi Kelly, I am excited to watch your quilt as you process through to the finished quilt. I love how artsy it is and how brave you are with your piecing. I know that it is going to be a favorite . . . just watch and see :) I love old fashioned fabric and the fabric that you used in your block above is adorable. I was going to say how much I like the bee fabric, but the more I look at it, the more I can't decide which fabric I like best. Sew pretty:)
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  2. Fun!! I love the colourful octagon blocks!

  3. Love, love, LOVE your scraps pieced together all wonky and funky! Now I want to save all of my solids scraps to do something similiar. You continue to inspire!

  4. Lots of gorgeous colour in your scraps. They come together so well.

  5. The blocks look great but I do know what tedious means when piecing. I love that you show the misses along with the hits.

  6. well you are sure having fun! I actually really like the black in the piece, but I'm a nut for contrast.
    cute SAL block - but I just committed to Barbara's star sew along.
    love the blocks you drafted for the solids - the cornerstones of b&w are great.

  7. I love your bright scraps. You are making lots of color in spite or perhaps because of all the white outside!


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