Monday, February 2, 2015

A Very, Very Random Monday

Today's post is very random with lots of pictures!  I saw this license plate in the parking lot this morning. How cool is that? It looked like it was actually sewn and not a picture.

Mary, Jenny, Colin, Bob, Kelly, Caitlin, Jim, Krista, Johnson and Dylan

This weekend we ventured into Philly to a great place for dinner called Fogo de Chao. My kids and their spouses were celebrating my husband's birthday. It's all about the meat as it is a Brazilian steakhouse. They bring you all different kinds of cooked meat on a skewer and cut off  pieces for you to try. It was fun, We found out they cook 1,000 lbs of meat a night!

These little discs are placed next to your plate. You turn it over to green when you want some more. It was a unique experience. They served beef, chicken, lamb and brisket. All were delicious with a salad bar that was out of this world.
After that we went to the Helium Comedy Club and had some good laughs. It was a lot of fun!

My husband decided he wants to learn to climb trees so he can trim the limbs that need to be taken down. He did his research and then went out and bought all his equipment. He is now teaching himself to tie knots. He never sits still and this makes me nervous.....

My miniscule claim to fame. One of the members of our guild Bob DeCarli, wrote a book called Remarkable Rectangles and I have a quilt in the book. It is in the latest Quilter's Newsletter magazine and they chose my quilt, even though it is literally 3/4" x 1"!

This weekend we hung up a bunch of quilts in my living room and I am so happy with the way they look in there. I kept thinking I needed "real art" and then I decided my stuff is real art too! I will try and get some pictures, it's a hard room to photograph.

Overnight we got some snow and general slush. I noticed this beautiful red fox in the side yard and was able to get a good picture, the snow was slowing him down. Look at the nice fluffy tail.

Last but not least, some sewing. I made a test block for the black crosses. This may be one I have to make some more blocks before I will know if it is a go or not.
Ok so I warned you this was very random, off to sew.



  1. Kelly. Looking forward to seeing your quilts hanging up. Love the red fox.

  2. Enjoyable post...although I do hat it when those older boys decide to do stuff like climb trees! Cool to catch a fox on the run!

  3. Lots of fun random things!! Hearing about that restaurant has made me hungry. I'm sure Bob is being extra careful in the tree, but I would be nervous too. Congratulations on your picture in the magazine. It looks great even at only an inch in size. Having quilts on the wall is the best. I keep joking that we need more walls, I've run out of room, but then I just change them around every now and then. Your black cross is very striking.

  4. I did the same thing in my quilts on the wall. Much cheaper than buying art and I can afford more fabric! I'd be having fits if my hubby wanted to climb in a tree to cut limbs. Thank goodness we're getting to old for such nonsense. Love the little fox photo. They are generally very difficult to capture (I've read) so you're lucky to be able to get such a good shot. This one is really pretty.

  5. Great pictures. Love the action shot of the fox. My DH only sits still. ugh I hope that Bob stays safe climbing.

  6. Great photos, thanks for sharing them! I am excited to see your quilts hanging. Stay warm!

  7. what a beautiful family and how fun to all get together. Love your Cross block.
    you are brave to watch your husband up in that tree - yikes!
    congrats on the publication!
    what a pretty fox - fun post!

  8. Beautiful photographs. I never have my camera handy when the fox comes through. How fun is that license plate! Are all of your crosses to be black? That will be stunning. Congratulations to you and Bob on the QN article. You know I love Charlotte's Garden.

  9. I love photos in posts, even random ones. I also enjoy looking at snow, while being very glad I'm no where near it! Thanks for sharing - stay warm, safe, and keep on quilting!

  10. You know, these random posts are the most fun to read. It's a real glimpse into a regular life! The churriscaria looks great. In 2001, my hubs was in Brazil on business for about six weeks (during 9-11, actually), and came home about ten pounds heavier due to eating all that meat, which he adores. Looks like your hubs is a real do-er. Good for him. Way better than one who watches TV all day. Thankfully, my husband's fun is in the kitchen, cooking. I'm lucky like that. Congrats on your little quilt in the QNM! You can be very proud. So, are you now planning to sew your own license plate?


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