Friday, January 9, 2015

The "R" Word

So how many of you have kept your New Year's Resolutions after 9 days? I dare say most women have some kind of weight loss, get healthier, or just get up off the couch resolutions made.
We all hear that the key to any kind of exercise is to find something you like and that is fun.

I have been going to Zumba for almost 3 years and it is the most fun you will ever have exercising! Don't get me wrong it is hard and you are sweating up a storm when it's over. Part of what makes it so wonderful is that the instructors, Terri and Kristin are super nice and very encouraging. The dances they come up with are always challenging but totally doable. So for those that are nearby and think they want to give it a try they are located in Marchwood shopping center in Exton PA, it's called Love To Be Fit. Let me know I will meet you there!

Terri and Kristin love what they do. When you watch the video (this is one of my favorites) they go full out the entire hour, leaving us breathless, tired  but exhilarated! If you are looking for something new, give it a try I think you will like it! Let's keep up with those resolutions or goals!



  1. Zumba sounds fun. I've been walking every morning and really enjoying it. Even after a week I feel the benefits.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE Zumba especially when your teachers are very into fun choreographing!

  3. I love Zumba - I have to find a studio around here if possible. I have been doing Wii Just Dance, which is also good, but not as good as ZUMBA

  4. Wish I lived closer, and was better at Zumba! I'd join you. I love swimming laps best. Except for wet hair...

  5. I'm going to take you up on that offer, Kelly, when my foot is healed from my surgery. I have Zumba for the WII and loved it (though I'm not sure how coordinated I am any more). A great way to create positive energy. How can you not be positive with that music and dancing?!!

  6. My daughter is a Zumba instructor and she also teaches Body Pump. She looks awesome and I'm sure you do too! XO.


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