Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Blue Scrap Bag Winner

Orange Peel

I went to Target today and look what I found......quilt patterns everywhere!

Half Square Triangles

I think there is money to be made with the back to college crowd.

All of these were found in the College Dorm Bath section of the store

Maybe their buyer is a quilter? I just thought these were fun but did not buy any (yet).

So remember now a 6 year old made up the rules and picked the winner, I had no say at all in this giveaway.
The winner is...............

Debra G who said:
I like #1. I like Maddy's creativity and sense of fun and ability to see potential in things! I'm working on a blue scrappy Leaders and Enders project now, so I'd love your blue scraps!
Congratulations Debra!
The criteria for the pick was, "whoever picks the number 1 quilt wins the fabric". So there you go!
Thank you for playing along and for all the nice compliments and comments. She checked the comments every night to see which quilt you were voting for. I was a little worried how this was going to go.....



  1. Congrats, Debra!

    Good job on the giveaway, Maddy. You and your grandma making a pretty fun and creative team.

    Oh, Kelly, those towels are definitely mirroring quilt designs. How fun!

  2. love those rules! congrats to Debra
    fun giveaway :)

  3. The "College Dorm Bath" section! It never ceases to amaze me what the shops in America must be like! I still smile when I think of the "Pie Aisle" that one of my blogging friends told me about in American supermarkets! We don't have either of those in Australia! Nor do we have such pretty towels!

  4. Congrats to the lucky winner. It was a fun contest.
    I do love seeing quilty patterns in non-quilty things. I think I need some back to nowhere towels. ;) They are really cute. It seems like every year there is more stuff and cuter stuff for going away to school. Probably why we had to rent a truck for moving the girls in and out. LOL

  5. How special to have a granddaughter in your sewing room. What? College students buying items with quilt patterns on them! I thought we were stereotyped as old plumb ladies with fanny packs. I always knew we were hip trend setters.

  6. I guess I better get to Target and check this out!!

  7. Thank You Maddy for hosting such a fun giveaway! Have you seen all the pattern on Kleenex travel pack tissues! There must be quilters walking all amongst us! Congratulations Debra.

  8. Pretty patterns at Target! I think quilting has made it into modern lifestyle for a while.. Don't you? Those were some beautiful scraps in your giveaway..Congratulations Debra!

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  10. Don't wait to long on the towels - once the crowd is back in school Target will phase out the merchandise.

  11. Well done to Maddy in selecting the winner.
    Love those towels.

  12. great job in selecting a winner Maddy! and I think a shopping trip to Target is in my future

  13. I missed this post. Congratulations to the winner and great job if running a giveaway Maddy!


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