Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Guild Day

To many of you who read my blog regularly, you know how much I love Half Square Triangles (HST). Terry S. from my guild used them to make an eye spy baby quilt! Isn't this a happy quilt?

Some of the prints were fussy cut to show off a special character, see Minnie Mouse second row on the right.

Some were just cut with no thought given. This makes me want to dive into my novelty fabrics! It is backed in flannel, how snuggly!

These were given to each member at the meeting today. Great, handy idea!

Studio 8 for Quilting Treasures

I also shopped a little today too. How could I pass this up? Especially when I now want  to make an eye spy?

Happy by Me & My Sister

This one and the one above are from the Quilt Block in Exton, for all the locals who might be interested.

Sewing Box by Gina Martin

Yes snaps!!! We had a vendor at guild today, The Quilt Ledger in Christiana PA.

This one jumped into my hands too, also from the Quilt Ledger. There was no name on the selvedge so I can't give you a name for this one.



  1. I bought the same fat quarters at guild as you did, plus two more! I have the selvedge on my numbers fabric. It says 'Handmaid j. wecker frisch for Quilting Treasures'.

  2. You have such fun Guild days!! I'd never thought of a HST I spy quilt but it works really well, somehow the shape makes you look for things even more. You found some wonderful fabrics. I especially like the last one. Your piece is probably the twin piece of Nancy's. How cool is that! Thank you to Nancy for letting us know what it is.

  3. That baby quilt is so very happy!!! I have a bag of novelty fabrics that would make a great HST I Spy quilt. (If I can find them)
    Your new fabrics are adorable. The snaps , the cute. I kinda have a small thing for sewing related fabrics. I bet you are shocked. ;)

  4. You always find the cutest fabrics!

  5. It was a fun meeting today!

  6. The triange quilt is so cute! I just bought some of the snaps fabric last week!

  7. Very pretty baby quilt and cute fabrics!

  8. Oh what fun! I'm on an I-spy quilt phase (made two now). It's my way of using up novelties I've had for years (and a lot of baby quilts through the decades). I love how fun her quilt looks from far away! Have fun making this one!
    Hugs, Mickie

  9. I'll have to make an I spy a cowboy baby quilt for my new grandson who will arrive in August...I like to use the Star Singles for hst' fun and easy and PERFECT every time !

  10. Cute quilt and lovely fabrics!

  11. Would not have thought of hst for an I spy quilt. Really cute. I agree that it makes you look for things more somehow. I've often thought, since you need such a small piece of fabric for an I spy quilt, it would be fun to do a novelties fabric swap. Well, one more item on the bucket list.

  12. Th eye spy quilt is lovely( even for adults:). And I will save that list, thanks

  13. really cute baby quilt. I love the measuring tape fabric!


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