Saturday, April 12, 2014

Voting For Color Giveaway

Here are two little pieces I worked on today. Now I am getting outside to enjoy a beautiful spring day!

The voting on color has been an interesting dialogue! You can read about voting for your favorite color here and get a chance to win 4 fat quarters of any color you choose. So far aqua is winning! I am not sure what is happening with pink.....another of my favorites. Just look at the top right hand corner of the post to vote.

No matter what, we all can agree we can't live without all of them!
Enjoy this beautiful weekend, spring is finally here!



  1. I like pink....but you can only have one favorite ;)
    Enjoy the day. They are talking rain mixed with S*** Mon or Tues. Please say it ain't so.

  2. Whatever color it is, is fine with me as long as its colorful. I'm so tired of dark drab clothes, bring on spring and color! First daffodil blooming today, we might get snow flurries on Tuesday also (near Chicago ). Take care!

  3. Love those pretty checkerboards, fabulous fabric combos!! It looks as though the scissors are chasing the bees around in the first one. I'm looking forward to seeing results of your voting.

  4. Your poll is very interesting! I voted for purple - it's my new favorite. It's also very popular in the Pacific NW as the University of Washington's colors are purple and gold. LOTS of purple stuff available here.

    Really my favorite colors are the blue/purple/greens side of the color wheel, but I love all the bright colors. I've got two stacks of reds in my stash bookcase, and I had to admit that I must like red, although I would have denied it. And I love aqua - always have. Especially with lime green! It's just such a happy color. And I love all your projects that include aqua. So there is no easy answer is there? I just love color! The only color I don't like is tan - that's not really a color to me!

  5. I do like the pieces you have been playing with in these blocks!

  6. Hi!!!! Pretty blocks!!!!!! Yaa Aqua!!!!! In looking around in blog land I have found a lot of people who weren't crazy about pink!!!! But I love pink!!!! Pale pink, bright pinks and rosy pinks...all pinks!!!!


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