Monday, April 7, 2014

Suzy Strikes Again

What is it about spring that brings out the cleaning in me? I don't think I sat down all weekend long. I did not get a before picture of my pantry but it is safe to say you could not put one more thing in it. Now look at all that space! I keep opening the doors and looking inside....

The shelves were pretty bad but there is such a feeling of satisfaction to get them all cleaned and put back together.

These are a recent new addition and I love them. They are on the upper shelves that can become the black hole for canned goods. My husband has catalogues filled with little gems like these.

I also love these containers from OXO. I bought these a few years ago and while pricey they are worth it. I can see at a glance how much sugar, flour etc is left and it keeps them fresh.

An added bonus is they fit across the shelves perfectly.

To keep it real, there is still much to do but I am getting there......

I also spent the weekend chipping wood with Bob. Talk about a good workout, cutting down trees, hauling them to the chipper, walking up and down the hill a million times.....


after.....We spent some time deciding if we should cut down this tree or not. It was a Linden tree which was a huge mess that was constantly dropping pollen and leaves that was all over the garden and all over my house, not to mention it was growing over the house. I am going to put a smaller ornamental tree in its place.

This week I will be sewing. With spring always comes the push and pull of the garden, the house and sewing. I just need a few more hours each day, how can anyone ever be bored?



  1. Definitely not a boring weekend. There is always a great sense of satisfaction when all that work is done.
    Love the storage system in the pantry.

  2. I love those OXO containers also. They keep the big bags of Trader Joe's nuts fresh for a long time. Why do we clean and organize in Spring? It's biology! We are programmed for nesting! Even when we no longer expect the little hatchlings!

  3. Just catching up and WOW have you been busy. Do you ever sleep? You have got some good stuff going on. If you get bored, come on down to my house and relive more spring cleaning. (If you have a month of extra time) haha
    It does feel great to get all those spider webs and crumbs cleaned up and everything sorted and in order.
    Love the embroidered reproductions of the children's drawing. What a treasure.

  4. Wow you got a lot accomplished. You're right about cleaning up after trees. I had 3 wheel barrels full of downed branches and limbs yesterday. It was a great workout!

  5. Good for you Suzy Homemaker !!! Spring cleaning can be such a great feeling!! You've done a great job with your pantry. Sounds like you made the right decision to chop the linden tree down. It's wonderful to see a photo of your garden that isn't all snow. Soon you'll be showing spring flower photos.

  6. I have not yet been struck with the spring cleaning bug, unless you count opening the windows. So far we haven't had much springy weather. I do know that I haved a whole lot of yard clean up to do. Hopefully one day very soon we will have a day that is not cold or wet. Idid notice that my tree out front is budding.

  7. I've cleaned a few closets....have one big one left to go...but, like you, the yard needs tending as well. Thankfully, there's more light at the end of the, if I can just keep my energy level up! Sorry about the tree, but you'll barely miss it once you get another planted!

  8. busy busy busy!! good for you susie homemaker!
    I too love the OXO containers. I buy them at homegoods one or two at a time.
    You'll be happy to have the sun on that spot, but taking out trees is a big job. Can you bring the chipper to CT? we have lots of brush and limbs around here.

  9. Good for you! I really need to clean out my pantry...but I am so itching to move I have little motivation for this house. I was able to get out in the garden a bit this weekend. I don't really mind cleaning up the garden in the early Spring. It is mid July and August that I have trouble getting into the muck of it!

  10. I want a new pantry!! Yours look terrific - such a satisfying job.


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