Thursday, February 13, 2014

Second Post Of The Day!!

Remember those scraps from yesterday? This is what I made with them. A pin cushion that will be a gift for some one.

I used a Dresden ruler and used the 2 1/4" mark on it so they were small.

Don't they look so cute all strung together? They really sew up fast.

I put the scissors there so you can get an idea of the size, petite! I would like to make a quilt using this size. I used the same method that I used to make the Dresden Pillow. 

So I stuffed it and the edges got all rippley. I didn't like it so......

I took out the stuffing and started all over again.

First I clipped the edges thinking it might help.

It is better but as you can see, stuffing is not my strong suit. Any tips on how to make it more even? The finished size is about 7".



  1. Love the pin cushion! I don't think the stuffing is a problem- looks good to me.

  2. Love the tiny Dresden. I bought the ruler after I made some Dresden table toppers without it. Then never used it. I am doingthe Craftsy BOM from 2012 and there is a Dresden block. I used my ruler and I love it. A Dresden quilt is in my future.
    I think your pincushion looks perfect, but I have seen in instructions that you should take the stuffing and pull it into small bits and then it fills more evenly.

  3. This is the second adorable pincushion I've seen made by you, in the last 2 minutes! You are a MACHINE! I love Dresden plates, and this tiny cutie is a winner! I think it looks just perfect, too. One thing I like to do when making pincushions is to use ShapeFlex 101SF fusible interfacing on the back of the fabrics, before stitching the top to the bottom. That keeps the pieces from stretching while stuff them plumply.

  4. I made one similar to yours only not dresdan top ( you can see on my blog, click on pincushion label on my sidebar ). I use a stuffing skewer stick/tool/long and skinny something with a smooth end to poke my stuffing in. As I stuff I use this tool to make sure my seams are all going to same direction, so as you stuff, use your tool to help push your seam that runs around the pincushion all in the same direction. I think if you push it downward would work best…..AND you have to stuff the snot out of it. Stuff poke stuff poke. Pack it in there using whatever tool you have. The harder you stuff it the better it turns out. After you get where you are pretty happy with it you can take a large thick needle and on the outside of the pincushion where there seems to be some hills and valleys stab that needle in straight down then in a scooping movement move the needle up OR down to fix the issue. Hope this is understandable.
    Your pincushion is a cutey and is a very nice gift!

  5. So cute! You can use crushed walnut shells etc. I think they end up more balanced.

  6. That is one cute pin cushion! Whenever I stuff something with that fibrefill stuff, I always make sure I have plenty packed into the furtherest corners before moving on! I agree, the harder you stuff, the more you use, the better it will be! I also like to move it around a little on the outside too!

  7. I love your "puff" pin cushion! I think it looks great the way it is. I'd say use more stuffing, but then you might end up with ball shape. The one trick I would try is steam ironing the seam along the outside. Steam does wonders.
    so cute!!

  8. That's way too cute! great tutorial to go with it too! I think the stuffing is looking just fine. I use the forceps to not only stuff the stuffing but also to smoothen the edges before I start stuffing. (something I learned during the doll-making days)

  9. I love your pin cushion, the dresdan is really gorgeous!! You have the prettiest scraps. It looks as though you've got lots of stuffing trick and tips there.

  10. Oh, this makes me want to sew a dresden quilt even more!! Soooooo cute!!

  11. I love this so much! I just watched a Lori Holt Block of the Month video and they made a circle with fabric and interface to turn. They used pinking shears to cut the circle because they said it makes the turned circle cleaner. What a great idea! I don't know if that will help next time but it's worth a try.

  12. This is just to cute! Great idea for gifts.


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