Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pacing and Valentines

So quiet and pretty!

It is snowing here today and we are to get a ton of snow. Usually on a snow day, my husband is out plowing and I am home happily sewing away. Today he was home pacing the floor waiting to go out. It isn't supposed to stop until late tonight, early tomorrow morning. Timing is everything when you plow, too soon and people complain about you having to plow twice, too late they complain about not being able to get out (even when there is a state of emergency!) and the number one thing that makes me laugh out loud, everyone and I mean everyone wants you to plow them first! What they don't know is they have a route, think of a paper route and you will know what I mean. Ok didn't mean to go off on a rant....

Today I made my grandchildren some fabric valentines, the same way you would make a post card.

I had some leftover very stiff interfacing. I am not sure what type or kind it is. They were cut off pieces from some post cards that I made, the size is about 5 x 7.

I got out some red scraps for the boys and some pink scraps for the girls.

Backgrounds that were also in the scrap baskets.

I cut out my hearts from un-fused fabric because I was too lazy to fuse them. In hindsight I should have done that.
Notice the background fabrics are over sized and will be trimmed later. You don't want a back on it yet, that will come later. I would fuse these too.

I did a little swipe of glue stick to hold them in place, not much so it wouldn't show through.

Next the hearts were free motion quilted around the edges. I am ok with it being a little uneven as I like that look. It feels like sketching.

This one was more flowy {is that a word?}.

I like the frayed edges.

You could use a walking foot to make them perfect but they are pretty small.....

After the quilting is done, turn it over, trim the background fabric even with the card.

Now use it to measure out a back for the card. By putting the back on now it will hide all those stitches, and give you a nice area to write on. I know some people who have used paper or card stock here too. I prefer fabric.

Now it is time to finish the edges. I used a zig zag stitch set to 3 wide and 1 long on my Bernina. Start in a corner and sew down to the bottom corner, go all the way to the end as shown above.

Turn the card and again start right at the beginning of the corner and continue in this way all around.

You could get real fancy and be a bit more creative than I was here. Add some beads or buttons...

These are not going through the mail as is, but why not some stamps?
Fuse some cute fabric and fussy cut out the motif. Fuse some background fabric {the red and pink}and fuse the motif to it.

Use pinking shears and cut around the edges, I pinked it 1/8" away to make it look like a real stamp.

I am making them all new pillowcases along with some candy too. A perfect Valentine for my little loveys!
Enjoy this snowy day!



  1. Kelly I love love love love LOVE how you did these. How cute. So so cute. I'm going to make one for my daughter that is on a mission.

  2. I have made these kinda postcards before and mailed them. Thanks for the reminder of how fun they are. Snowing and blowing in ohio today.

  3. Oh, thanks for being so ready for Valentines and giving me a great idea for my grandchildren while I still have time!! Your cards are just perfect!!

  4. I used to make a pillow case every month for my kids when they were in college; that way I always knew they laid their head on a clean pillow at least once each month! Thanks for the reminder of what a fun little gift that was to make.

  5. Those postcards are really cute. You have the cutest fabrics. I get scrap envy when I see yours all piled up. LOL The grands will love the post cards.

  6. what cute valentines! I love the birdie stamp detail!
    My plower came at 3am - poor fellow - it's like having a the elves make shoes. I'm so grateful for him. We wouldn't get out if he was so dedicated. We got 8"
    yea, snow day - time to sew!

  7. Your grand-kids are so lucky! You are a fabulous mama! Cute, adorable cheer me up cards!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous!! These put me into a Valentines mood! Thanks for makimng such a detailed tutorial. Bob could snowplow a big heart on your lawn for Valentines, how romantic would that be.

  9. Since I'm not that far away I guess you know we got lots of snow also! I love the Valentines you made. I just finished making a mug rug which looks similar using some of the pink scraps I won in your giveaway!

  10. I am a few days late but I hope all went well and that the roads are clear. I am sure there are many who are grateful for the work your hubby does. Looking at the forecast I see there is more on the way next week. Good luck.
    I think your idea for the cards is great and I like the little touch of adding a stamp.

  11. love those valentines! The snow stayed down in your neck of the woods and missed us entirely! Of course it is frigid here!

  12. What a wonderful grandmother you are! Sewing and making Valentine cards yourself, and so early! You plan well, and are too thoughtful! You sure put me to shame! I've never sent a card to my grandies (would they notice, or care?) let alone make pillow cases. You're The Best Grandmother.


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