Saturday, January 4, 2014

Good Intentions

So my great intentions of sewing all day long went a little bit astray. Some laundry, making up the beds in the guest bedrooms, chatting on line with friends, taking down the Christmas crap decorations and making soup all needed to be done. I did manage to make this cute little pillow.

I received this ruler as a gift. If you have not checked out Bee In My Bonnet you need to! Even though I consider myself an experienced sewer, Lori has lots of good tips and time saving ideas.

Cut out your shape....

Fold in half and sew together......

The directions are easy and very clear.....

fast too...

It came out perfect.....If you want the complete set of directions check our Lori's tutorial.

Auditioning my center....

and background.....

I found the perfect object to make a 7" even has a handle!

There is a neat trick to make the circle. I chose to sew mine down differently. Lori used a small zig zag, I used a straight stitch about 1/16" along the edge.

This is some of the quilting detail. I doubled my batting and am not so sure I like how the blue background quilted up. It could be the  thread color too. I do like the center part though.

This was a nice surprise, I used the dots in the fabric to stitch my straight lines, no marking necessary.

Another shot of the quilting. I used my walking foot for the center and the free motion foot for the background and Auriful thread.

So I didn't even touch any of my proposed projects, but tomorrow is another day!



  1. Little mini dresdens! Very cute. It does look easy and fun, a good afternoon project.:)

  2. Such a cute pillow. I had good intentions too, but a really bad cold has knocked my plans out for now.

  3. You made the best of the time you did have, it's a very cute cushion. You must have a very good eye for a straight line not to mark the quilting. Loving your header every time I come over for a visit.

  4. How clever! So many of my days go like yours!!

  5. That is such a fun pillow!! Wonderful fabrics and great quilting!! It's great to hear all your tips and tricks. It's funny how you can have sewing plans but then it's so easy to get distracted by other things.

  6. What a fun pillow. I find my stay home days evaporate quickly, but I'd say getting this done in one day is excellent! I like the quilting and the dotty binding is perfect!

  7. Love your fabric choices. So Kelly fun!

  8. It's so sweet and you did finish something. I'm always in that "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" mode.

  9. I love your dresden plate pillow!!! I love dresden plates. Hope it's warming up there!

  10. Totally charming pillow! I just "found" Lori Holt and she has changed the way I sew certain things...

  11. Really cute pillow and great instructions! Stay warm - it is freezing down south now, too and only getting colder! Guess I must stay in and quilt - lol!

  12. What a gorgeous pillow. Love it.

  13. Very pretty! And the quilting you chose suits the design really well. I like that you took the time to add piping to the edge. It makes for such a nice finish. Really well done!


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