Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cozy Day

Our first snow fall which is so pretty.

An awesome and exciting  football game that the Eagles won!

I stitched the last stitches in this while we watched the game.

A really bad picture of my tree! This year I picked out only the red and white ornaments for something different and to make the take down a little easier.

A handmade tree topper. The perfect ending to a perfect day, the chili and home made bread are calling...



  1. That snow looks so unreal when it's a warm summers day here in Australia. I'd have to run out and build a snow man! You are doing a great job of finishing your ufos!! I remember that lone star was started ages ago, how wonderful to have done the last stitches. Your tree looks so beautiful lit up and topped with a pompom topper!

  2. We enjoyed the beautiful snowy day too and we loved watching the Eagles win in the snow! What a comeback! Love your pictures of your yard and the football game. I am jealous...your tree looks beautiful and we don't have ANY decorations up yet. They were all under plastic in the attic because we just got a new roof put on. We only got it cleaned up and uncovered yesterday! Tomorrow I have to get started!

  3. I know you like retro Christmas decorations so are the ornaments on your tree all antique? They are beautiful!

  4. Your snow looks so pretty! Still can't believe we haven't had any here as we always have it by at least Thanksgiving! The red and white quilt is looking wonderful.:)

  5. Pretty tree - it's so hard to take photos of trees isn't it? Sounds like a perfect snow day at home -
    we have freezing rain today - yikes.
    can't wait to see your star top! I love this quilt and remember seeing it at Sujatas

  6. Love your tree! It's pretty here too but I don't have to drive so I can appreciate the beauty. I loved your previous post too. We really downsized Christmas this year (I have the same Santa cookie jar you do too). Have a wonderful day. Stay in and stay warm! Hugs,

  7. I am so excited for how the Eagles are playing now. That game was exciting to watch!

  8. Your tree looks perfect! I am loving this snow storm. It definitely got me in the mood for the holiday. Eagles game was fun to watch. even I who is not a football fan loved it!
    Your red star looks so pretty. I love the center. Can't wait to see it in person.

  9. Love your tree! That game was the best! I watched every minute of it!

  10. Football was really crazy in all that snow.
    The tree looks pretty. I agree that it is hard to get a good tree picture. Enjoy!


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