Friday, July 19, 2013

It's Going To Be A Long Day

I don't need to tell the people on the East Coast that today is supposed to be a most miserable day, weather wise. Last night the fan to our AC died so we are without our air! Lovely! I am planning on staying in the basement all day cutting out some more of these for my HST quilt. Hopefully the repair man can get here today (yeah right!).

My garden is loving this weather.

I love this combination.

I really like this salvia (Black and Blue) with the yellow Black Eyed Susans.

This is in my pot on the front porch. The purple oxalis will be coming back next year, I love it with that lime green of the huchera.

These are waist high!

I have started adding red to my garden.

The deer like them too. I forgot to use my Liquid Fence after the last rain.....

The yellow center just makes me so happy. My joy was short lived. I opened the paper this morning and was struck by this head line......

Say it ain't so!



  1. OMG thats been my worst nightmare this week the A/C breaks down !
    sorry it happened to least the basement is a tad cooler and you have those bright happy fabrics to make you smile.
    love your gaRden photos I am looking to make a pink and green quilt so that picture is just inspiring to me right now
    thanks for sharing with us

  2. first - OH NO! I love Barbie, I know she has a lot of haters, but not here.

    Sorry to hear about your A/C = we plan to go to the movies today - cool, dark, popcorn = perfect.

    your gardens are gorgeous!!! I wish I had flowers. So do the deer avoid the sunflowers and what is liquid fence? I am trying to learn deer gardening.

  3. My DIL said your area was in for a stinker of a day. Hope you get the repairs done quickly. Good luck with all the cutting!

  4. How pretty your flowers are! You make me want to head outside right now and plant some! They're just beautiful. How hot is it there? It's 83 here at the moment, and climbing, and I love it. I wish I could be outdoors while machine quilting. Silly, I know. But, I have A/C that's working too. I hope yours gets repaired soon.


  5. LOVE your flowers especially the combination in the pot on your porch!
    Something is eating every leaf off my Marigolds leaving the flowers and stems intact. I thought it was slugs but it is still happening even after treating with Ortho slug pellets. Now I am wondering if it is Earwigs? Your flowers look so you treat them with anything to protect them from insects?

    So sorry about your AC! Hope the repairman gets there today! At least you have a good excuse to eat lots of ice cream to cool off!

  6. How fortunate that you have a basement available for sewing while the rest of your house bakes. Your gardens are gorgeous...thank you for sharing with us, Kelly.

  7. beautiful garden shots~!! don't you just love the way the black eyed Susan's reproduce themselves? one of my favorite flowers and i agree with you about the oxalis and huchera. i'll have to write that combination down and give it a try next year.

    i hope that you weren't too miserable today and got lots done while taking refuge in your basement. our temps were in the high 90's and the forecast is for more of the same for several days.
    i actually don't have air conditioning but manage to moderate the temps in the house fairly well without one.


  8. I hope your air con is fixed by now. It's not much fun melting. Your garden is loving the weather though and looking wonderful. What's happening to Barbie?

  9. YIKES. Hope the AC repair man has made it to your house by now. Why does it always happen when the weather is miserably hot or freezing cold? Hope you are staying cool in the basement with your HST. Your flower photos are inspiring me to make another flower art quilt. ;-)

  10. Your flowers are beautiful! Good pictures!

  11. Your garden is stunning! I do hope your AC is repaired. This kind of heat is not funny...


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