Thursday, November 8, 2012

This is going to be a post that is a very sad mixed with some happiness. I could not even think of a title for the post.
Last spring my friend Judie got a phone call that her niece was murdered by her estranged husband. He confessed to police and is now awaiting trial. Left behind were 4 children, with no parents and grandparents unable to care for them. The extended family was left with the agonizing process of figuring out who would raise the 3 youngest children. The oldest daughter would be raised by her father from a previous relationship.

Then a miracle happened. The best friend of the deceased woman and her husband decided that they would take the children in and raise them as their own. Now while this in itself would seem like an amazing story, add in to it that they have 6 children of their own! I get teary just typing this...

Judie asked me if I could round up a bunch of quilters to make some quilts for the kids and we also decided the parents could use one too.

Yesterday we had a lunch to give Judie the quilts and to thank everyone for their generous time in making a quilt for this well deserving family!

Sara's quilt (bad picture) features Beatrix Potter bunnies, she even included a book....

Christine's quilt soccer ball, star wars.......

Robin's quilt..................

Jean's quilt....she made a pocket in the back with some little cars to drive along the road, how cute!

Ellen's quilt with little fairies all over it.............

Terry's quilt with dinasaurs.....

Bob's quilt with Harley's all over it for the dad......

Kathy's quit for the mom...

Sujata's quilt with soccer balls......

Cheryl's quilt hibiscus and purple completely scrappy!

The recipient of my quilt (sorry I don't know how to turn a picture from an Iphone!)

Doesn't this picture just make you smile and break your heart at the same time? She is only 2 and so young to live through such a tragedy. I think her new family is doing a wonderful job....Judie told us she has already started calling the wife "mommy". I think that is a good sign.

There are many trials (literally) and tribulations to come. It feels so good to know there are these wonderful, generous people in the world who will turn their lives upside down to help others. It put things into perspective and makes me less cynical.
My hope is that we keep this in the public eye, and not let these kids down, this family deserves our support.
Thank you to all my quilting friends you are the best!



  1. Wonderful. Bless you for your kindness!

  2. Wow! You and your friends are wonderful to bring some joy and comfort into a difficult situation. thanks for sharing this inspiring story. Yes, a quilt can make a difference in a young life.

  3. Obrigada por compartilhar esta MULTIPLICAÇÃO de AMOR.DEUS ABENÇOE A TODOS.

  4. Beautiful post, Kelly. So sad yet so inspiring.

  5. What an absolutely wonderful (and sad) story--those quilts will be so appreciated--you just cannot imagine how BIG the human heart can be....Julierose

  6. Hugs Kelly. Just lots and lots of hugs. Ya'all did good. Hugs...

  7. what an incredible story of loss and love. What a generous group of friends you have.
    Your story lifted me up today and it makes me grateful for everything that I have, including my losses and problems, as they are the stuff of this life too.
    thanks Kelly for this special post.
    the quilts are so wonderful and a gift of warmth and love to all the recipients.

  8. Thank you Kelly this post has me tearing up also. As I told you before I remember this story from the news. I wondered what would become of the children. I'm so touched to know this family has come to their aid. The quilts are wonderful! I'm sure they are comforting and will be well loved. Quilters really are the best!

  9. Crying as I type this - so sad! What a wonderful family to take these children and such a nice group of quilting friends to help this family to know they are loved and supported.

  10. kelly,
    It as so nice to see Judie and give her a hug in person. it does make everything else that's bothersome so insignificant.
    Thanks for the pictures.
    Judie, If you are reading this, you are amazing!

  11. What a story. What a horrible thing for the children to live through, but what a wonderful home they have found.
    The quilts are so wonderful and judging by the smiles well loved already.

  12. wonderful post, so happy there is now a bright future for those children ,they have received a special kind of love from their new parents.

  13. My thanks to you and all your quilting buddies for your loving kindness. I pray God's richest blessings over this wonderful family and may the Spirit of God give peace, comfort and joy to these grieving children.

  14. What an incredible family and wonderful friends. Love seeing the pleasure the quilts bring.

  15. Wonderful that you all stepped up to help this deserving family. We will keep this dear family in prayer.

  16. This was an emotionally exhausting day. How uplifting to see the children wrapped in their quilts with smiles on their faces.
    And I admire you my friend, for being such a good friend to Judie.

  17. Oh what a tragic but beautiful ending story with someone caring so much to take the children and you sweet ladies to provide such loving quilts for the family. Those quilts will become treasures to them for your caring ways. God bless each of you!

  18. what an amazing thing all the quilters did for these kids! thanks for visiting today and leaving the comment. i'm bookmarking you on my sidebar now. :)

  19. All I can say is wow! Good overcomes evil all the time, and so happy you are spreading the word about it. Sending positive thoughts to the new family.

  20. OMG tears in my eyes at work, bless that family, a (hopefully) happy ending for a terrible tragedy, so awful. we took in a daughter 7 years ago when she was 18, left her not-good home, and it was the best thing that happened to our family. I hope the same for all of them, and for peace and healing.

  21. It thrills my heart to see love in ACTION.

  22. How can you not cry . . . such a heartbreaking story, especially when I got to the photo of that dear little 2 year old. You all have such wonderfully big hearts. I know it brought some joy each of them. Thanks for sharing Kelly.

  23. What a sad story but how wonderful and special that the children are all together with a family that loves them. Each of those quilts is so special and are such a thoughtful gift.

  24. I recall your telling about this family last year. What an inspiration and I love how you all are involved and made the fun quilts! Thanks for sharing, Kelly.


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