Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Peer Pressure

Sauder's Fabrics
Yesterday I went with friends Sujata and Christine to Burkholder's Fabrics (I forgot to take pictures) and also to Sauder's Fabrics.

Pennsylvania has some very bizarre fabric stores. Sauder's is in the basement of a Mennonite home. Oh and while you are there you can also buy your bulk food in case you don't want to also go to the grocery store. One stop shopping!
Burkholder's is on the family farm, they did build an new structure for the store and it is in the middle of a cornfield. I will highlight some others another day.

Christine won the day purchasing the most fabric, Sujata was a close second. I was a very good girl and only bought what I "needed". I am not big on batiks but bought some for a specific project.

Love this one and stole it from Christine's pile. Do you all do that? As soon as you see a friend's stack, you need to have some too?

Nice colors I like the lines, Christine had it so I had to have some too.

I have not seen this one before but loved the little rectangles.

Sujata found this one and told me it looked like me and I had to buy some. So now I look like fabric? She bought some too, we split it.

This is not a fabric I would normally choose but I want those little kid heads for another project. They were just the right size.

This fabric from my Diary Block got lots of interest. Here it is opened up so you can see all the campy things. It is a Michael Miller called Trailer Travel.
We were trying our best to get out there and stimulate the economy, some one has to do it, it may as well be us!




  1. I love Sauder's and Burkholder's's a good thing that I don't live closer or I would be in a lot of trouble! LOL

  2. Wow, lots of great fabric. I sure wish you all had swung by and picked my up. I've never been to Sauders but I have been to Burkholders. My DH enjoyed sitting on the porch in a rocker while I shopped.
    I really like that fabric with the rectangles.

  3. Gosh I havent' been to either for months. I am trying to use up what I have and I can't even seem to get through the scrap box...
    Can you tell me what the fabric is with the rectangles? It reminds me of the venetian glass which my grandmother just LOVED. Anyway, don't know what i would do with it but wondering who made it...also reminds me of gustav klimt paintings...have a great day!

  4. Well done! I think you ladies did a fine job finding fabric treasures and sure wish I could tag along sometime. Those stores sound interesting and I think I could handle the peer pressure. ;o)

  5. That trailer fabric brings back some bad memories!
    I'm so happy the 3 of you helped to stimulate the quilting economy:)

  6. That is such a great collection of fabrics! I love the apples, Sujata was right, they are You. It's fun shopping with friends and being inspired by their choices. I love the shops you visit, they are different!

  7. Yup--fabric in someone else's arms always maks you look twice--and get some!! Me, too...Julierose

  8. Some really lovely fabrics there! That trailer camping fabric is so cute!

  9. Good job on that economy stimulation! BTW, love your blog that a paint by number?

  10. good for you going to Burkholders with that coupon right now! I love that store, lots of light and great variety of fabrics
    I was disappointed for the second time in a row with Sauders, they seem to have less and less and the prices are way up , what did you think?
    oohhh you bought some cute fabrics :)


  11. great fabrics!
    what a successful trip to PA.
    Can't believe you are chopping off those cute baby heads, lol.
    I'm off to pennington, have you been to that shop yet? it's great.
    Love that rectangle fabric too, very cool.

  12. What a fun lot of fabric you picked up. I'd have to go in those sorts of shops with a plan, I'd be overwhelmed.

  13. I have a trip there planned. I always end up with to much fabric when shopping with friends! Gee I guess it's called "quilt peer pressure"! It's nice to find fabric you may not have even looked at.
    Debbi F


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