Sunday, April 15, 2012

Quiltini Getaway

I am leaving tomorrow for 3 days to hang out with the Quiltinis, (it rhymes with martini) that is what we call ourselves. It will be heaven to sit, sew, talk, drink wine and eat good food. We also walk every morning and talk about everything under the sun.

I am only bringing 1 project to work on because it needs to be done.....a quilt promised to my brother in law. It is a good chunk of time to get a good start on it.

While I was packing my things up, I came across my hexagons. I am at a crossroads with these darn things! I have enough done to make a nice wallhanging or I can go back to my original plan and make a large quilt. Any opinions? Has anyone made a large one? Was it crazy hard to quilt?

My Diary Quilt block will be posted on Wednesday. I wanted to try and get it done before I left, no such luck. We also have very limited internet and phone access where we go, so no distractions!!!

PS Who ever thought I would get over 1500 hits on my post about band aids? It struck a real nerve!



  1. Não pare com hexágonos,é muito fácil e rende bem.Eu já fiz um monte e não tive dificuldade nenhuma.O meu maior tamanho foi 2.20x2.40cm.Boa sorte.

  2. Can't wait for 3 days of fun, sewing, eating and solving the world's problems.

  3. Have fun! Sew sew sew. I have only made a small hexie project.

  4. Have a funtini quiltini time!! I've made a big hexigon quilt but I cheated and used big hexagons. I can't help but think the band aid artist knew the shock factor of her work would help market it. It still makes me feel icky. Enjoy sewing your brother in laws quilt, it's going to be amazing!!

  5. Your quilty getaway sounds like so much fun...have a wonderful time!

  6. Have a wonderful time!!! I can't wait to see what you girls do.
    Love the hexies -

  7. Hope your get-away was tons of fun! And I love that name - Quiltini!

  8. Kelly, I love your hexagons, particularly the fussy cut ones - so cute! I was in a "Pizza Box" quilt group and Kim Steffus' quilt was a Grandmother's Garden so I would sew them together in the evening while I watched TV. Since then, I've always wanted to make a quilt with the hexagons. I don't know if I have it in me to make a full size quilt but at least a wall hanging. I hope you are feeling better Kelly.


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