Thursday, September 22, 2011

Waning Garden Days

Summer is coming to a close and my garden took a beating this year. This is the first time I tried Dahlias, this is such a pretty and intense reddish pink color.

My other favorite is nasturtiums in this pretty vase from Mexico that my son and his wife brought back from their honeymoon. These have the most lovely, spicey, delicate fragrance.

I made this little moss garden yesterday. All you do is dig up some moss in your yard and plop it in a little container that has some soil in simple yet very fresh looking. I hope I can keep it alive!

The purple berries are called Beauty Bush, I think the Latin name is calicarpa. It is so pretty in the fall especially against my sweet potato vines.

The impatients and coleus did well in their pots, I was diligent about watering them.

Even the black eyed susans look kind of cool now and ready for Halloween. The finches are happy to munch on these!
The teddy bear sunflowers will be making another appearance in my garden next year, so beautiful.
Not only do I like the pleasure of digging in the dirt and watching things grow, I also enjoy the inspiration and the color combinations that mother nature provides. What flowers inspire you?



  1. Any flowers (except those with a heavy scent) are welcome in my garden! Right now, it is the ornamental cherry tree in full blossom - absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Hi Kelly!Looks like you and I planted about the same flowers this yr.I did impatiens even though Im not to fond of them.My straw flowers are real black,and my sedum is real close to them with such a lovely color this year.I dont know if its me but each year it looks a bit different.

    Happy fall!

  3. Beautiful pics, make the mlost of the colour before winter comes.
    Sunflowers are so fun to grow.

  4. What a bounty of beautiful blooms!! Wonderful colours! I love calcarpa, the purple berries are so pretty. I hope your moss garden survives. Will you plant any Winter flowers?

  5. I love sunflowers as you can see by my photo. This is a red sunflower my 83-year-old Mother grew. Isn't it beautiful!



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