Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Falling Behind

Isn't this pretty? It is my part of the Longwood Garden Quilt. I picked hibiscus to do. It is due in October.

We are doing this one machine applique. Believe it or not I am more stressed about doing it on the machine than by hand. We also are to add stitching and embellishments if we want.
I have made very little progress on the guild block for the raffle quilt. I made the huge mistake of taking 2 blocks.....I think I may be returning one to the meeting and let some one else help out. It is also due in October....

These look like purple eggs to me...hughhhh.
Do you ever over-extend your self  by volunteering? They are both for good, worthwhile things that is why I am doing them always seems like that is when I have a great idea I want to try out, when the plate is full, of purple eggs.

I am signing off as,


  1. Visiting the garden is still on my list of things to do - and hope to next spring.
    What pattern are you using for your projects? they are just beautiful!

  2. Over extending myself seems to be my story at the moment. I keep thinking it'll all settle down soon... Your blocks are looking wonderful. I'm sure there'll be another member who dosen't mind helping get one done. I like purple eggs flowers, they look pretty in the garden! :-)

  3. I know how you feel. I have been known to over-extend myself on some occasions! Be kind to yourself and recognise your limitations.

    Someone (whom I consider wise) once told me that when I take on too many of the "things that need to be done" (and lose my joy in the process), I rob myself and the person who could have had some joy doing that thing!

  4. Your block is going to be a stunner! My parents live in Allentown and for years have talked about taking us to Longwood Gardens but it seems we're always there at a holiday or for some event and we haven't made it yet. Maybe now that we're moving closer!

  5. I do the same thing, it's self inflicted usually. The blocks look amazing, I think you're doing your bit there. I love how the hibiscus is looking, gorgeous.

  6. this is beautiful, wow! whose pattern is that?
    Longwood Gardens is on my list I remember seeing it lit up for Christmas on tv one year.

  7. Your applique block is going to be gorgeous! I've never done machine applique, but I know that you'll do a great job on it. you have magic hands! ;)

    I tend to over estimate how much I can reasonably get done too.


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