Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Camp

Yesterday I had summer camp at my house, with myself. I have been wanting to dye some fabric and finally got around to doing it. These are my favorites. Not real exciting but colors I like.

These are the 2 I don't like as much. The yellow is safety yellow, like hurt your eyes yellow and the purple is too gray for me, it is not a good picture of the real color. I am going to overdye them.

I dried them out on the lawn. It was a sunny day and they dried fast.

I love this blue but it faded a bit when I washed it out. I will try again.

I do love this green!

Elliot was with me this morning and wanted some string, he played with it for quite a while. It was everything from a snake to a piece of spaghetti.



  1. Kelly,

    They look amazing.. I can't wait to see them in person. I better not get into any new thing.. You are tempting me!!!
    Elliot looks adorable!

  2. You're having fun in the sun!! What a great Summer Camp. I loved the photo of the fabrics on the lawn. I'm curious to see the next stage of the yellow and purple. How cute is Elliot!! Playing with a piece of string, that is just the sweetest thing!! I wonder if when he got bored with it, if you you tied the ends together it would open a whole new range of options of things it could be.

  3. Elliot is very cute and that fabric is gorgeous.

  4. I like the results. What kind of dye do you use?

  5. I haven't been brave enough to dye my own fabric yet.
    But, as for little boys and what entertains them - my guy is 10. Last week he wanted a piece of string (rope). The next thing I knew, his friend was pulling him in his wagon - tied to his bike!. It went well until they turned around and tried coming downhill. :)

  6. Summer camp with yourself? What a brilliant idea! Love your new fabrics . . . I think they look great. Now you've made me want to play with my dyes again!
    Elliot is so cute, and don't you love that imagination?

  7. :-D Love the thought of you amusing yourself for hours a with some fabric and dye and Elliot with a piece of string. No marketing dollars needed. The colors really came out great. I am a fan of sending myself to camp - solo.

  8. wow you did such a fantastic job. I've never tried it, but summer is the perfect time.
    what dyeing process did you use?

  9. Go go go. They look wonderful. Wish i could come to your summer camp. Or maybe you could just pack up and come to my camp. I'll be dyeing tomorrow. I love your yummy colors. Are you inspired to do more and more?

  10. dying is so much fun, I have been dying wool haven't done cotton but isn't it funny how we now like solids again. if we keep things long enough the old becomes new again. I did a Gees Bend quilt with the hand dyed fabric that they sold. some day I will post it. Elliot is so adorable I just love that age.

  11. I think your colors look great!


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