Friday, April 15, 2011

Blogging Friends

One of the absolute best things about blogging, are the friends you make near and far. I am an admirer and fan of Janet from Quiltsalott. Recently she did a post about the inking she did on some blocks, holy cow they are amzazing. I love everything she does, wait until you see the header on her blog, it will give you an idea of what she does. Go and check it out. She even does HAND QUILTING!!!

All of the following blocks are from the various books by Elly Sienkiewicz.

We email back and forth and I told her I would post my few inked blocks on a Baltimore Album that is still in the block stage. This particular block was made in memory of my niece, Kelly Garza who died when she was 14 months old. The angel is a little scary looking but the Catholic school penmanship has served me well! I am happy with the way the banner looks and it was not hard to do at all.

I love this little detail as well. Overall I think the block is a little too heavy feeling with that dark green.

This block has inked little tendrils, what was I thinking with this horrible color combination?
The cherries look like little cannon balls. I stuffed them a bit too much and it distorted the block some.

Oh my! lessons learned about color....I do like the design of this block but again not the fabrics. This was made during a snow storm in 1996, we got 3 feet of snow. I think I got the whole block sewn during that day.

Instead of inking, embroidery was used with silk thread. Some of the folded roses are silk fabric.

The only thing I can say, I was trying different techniques.
I really dislike the ruched rose and the dark roses on the side don't help it at all. The leaves have inked thorns on them, I do like how they look realistic.


The first block I ever appliqued and it is not too bad.

I do love this block and reverse applique is so fun.

I think the fabric shop must have stocked a lot of Hoffman fabrics.

I can remember thinking I needed to add some gold.......

Yes you can just stop in the middle of one of the most simple blocks and never finish it!

Some things I learned are:

Use a good quality background fabric....I did not.

Be sure you like metallics in your fabric....I do not.

Only put colors in that you really like....I did not.

If your cherries look like cannon balls, stop after the first one, don't keep going...I did not.

Learn from it and move on...I did!



  1. Kelly,

    Beautiful blocks! Janet, One of my favorite bloggers has so much to offer every time I visit her blog!
    I agree on all your lessons.. Mainly the quality of fabric for applique. I have made certain mistakes in the past and I will not repeat them ever again.. Good thing to have a reminders every now and then!
    I still like your blocks including all the puffed berries and hope that you will finish the quilt. How wonderful to have memory of your niece in the quilt!

  2. I admire your commitment to applique and trying new techniques. Your willingness to experiment in the face of such time commitment will pay off over time. Great work.

  3. It was good to be reminded of mistakes....we DO learn from them don't we? I love all the applique you shared today and the info about inking that I don't know ANYthing about! Now I know a little. ;)

  4. Shucks thanks for the lovely compliment, we've made a lot of the same blocks. Just hearing you talk about the blocks is wonderful, the way you learnt so much about fabric and colour, and the memories that are attached to each block. The inking and penmanship is fabulous! I totally agree about the background having to be a good quality, mine's not that great which made reverse applique a pain. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Isn't blogland wonderful, and Janet is incredible! Wonderful to see your blocks and hear about your the lessons you have learned along the way. xo

  6. As one who has never even attempted to start a Baltimore Album quilt, but admires them tremendously, I applaud you loudly! This was a great post and I loved how you were vulnerable with your readers. I will have to admit that it made me feel good to know that I'm not the only one with UFO's from 1996! :0

  7. What beautiful blocks! Your inking is lovely - really lovely!
    Can you believe I inked on a quilt after it was quilted? unreal. Wouldn't have that bravado now.
    I may have a few small regrets, but as time passes, you'll treasure all of them. It's the journey.
    Thanks for a wonderful post!

  8. I can relate to color choice remorse but I am actually a fan of cannonball berries. Your applique is excellent. I started a BAQ many moons ago and am not at all pleased with the choices I made. Perhaps if I'd included a few cannonball berries I would like mine better. :o)

  9. Hmm, I still have one of those very blocks partially done, the one with the little fingers and roses. Several others I completed years ago but still have one Baltimore quilt in progress from the mid-nineties. Maybe one day I'll complete it - not sure! Yours are beautiful!!

  10. I too, have BA blocks that I learned a lot of lessons on. I have 8 finished. Not enough to make a quilt.
    I don't care for the hunter green I used. It was the only green available in the stores back then.

    Your blocks are beautiful. I hope you'll finish them into something. :)


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